Antalya Museum

The first museum in Antalya was established in 1922 by storing the archaeological artifacts collected in and around Antalya in the Alaaddin Mosque. In 1934, the works here were moved to the Yivli Minaret and its complex, and it was opened to visitors in 1937. The museum, which started to serve in its current building in 1972, won the “Council of Europe Special Award” in 1988.

Antalya Museum chronologically reflects the history of the region with its 13 exhibition halls, children’s section and open-air display. Click for detailed information

Side Museum

It is in Side Town of Manavgat District. 8 km from Manavgat. away. The bath of the ancient agora dating from the 5-6th century AD, located opposite the agora of the Roman Period, was restored in 1960/61 and turned into a museum.

A large part of the works exhibited in the museum, Prof. Dr. These are the finds unearthed by Arif Müfid Mansel during the excavations made in the ancient city of Side between 1947-1967. From the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods; inscriptions, reliefs of weapons, statues of Greek originals from the Roman Period, torsos, sarcophagi, portraits, ostotes, amphorae, altars, funerary stelae, column capitals and column bases